It does not matter how fun it is to create new games for mobiles all day long. Something has to pay for the daily bread as well. The last weeks Frosty Elk has been really busy in working on apps for businesses and have had to put the games aside for a while. Sadly a day only has 24 hours.

But it not all work, creating apps for businesses are almost as fun as creating games. Having to solve problems and work around issues to get where you want to can be frustrating, but when you succeed it is the greatest thing.

It looks like Frosty Elk are moving more and more towards doing apps for businesses than creating games. But games are one thing we will never stop doing. We just have too many ideas laying around that we want to start creating. So we will just have to make time and work around the clock until our eyes starts glowing in the dark.

Speaking about darkness. On saturday is time for the yearly Earth Hour, and Frosty Elk will off course take part in it and shut down all of our stuff for the sake of the environment, we hope that you will do so too!!!

Lights out for this time!