One thing i have learned during all the years i have been fiddling around with new game engines is that it is very important to have a friendly community where developers help each other.

So now that i feel that i have most things in Construct2 under control, i feel that i can contribute to the community over at

Today i got a little carried away guy asked if there was a way to create a car game with a steering-wheel as the turning control. I love to solve problems, so i started to test different ways to handle it. But after messing around a while i decided that there where no great way of doing it with a real steering-wheel, where the actual wheel was controlling the car. Because you need the cars frontwheels to turn for that to work properly. It is doable in Construct2, but it wouldnt be a very good way of doing it. And i dont think any game would really benifit from it either.

So i faked it instead, when touching sprites i turned the wheel sprite, so that it looks like you are turning the wheel. It actually turned out really well and it feels like you are controlling the car with the wheel.

Below here is a screenshot of what the DEMO came to look like....
Yeah, i got a little carried away and added particle fx and skidmarks on fast turns and brakes....
I also threw in a speedometer while i was at it...sometimes i do things like that just to make my brain keep working on a high level while solving other things.


You can playtest the DEMO here:

Steering wheel - demo

If you want to play around with it in Construct2, here is the .capx file.