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Touch & Physics tossing test!

Took a break from the daily work and tested something i have wanted to give a try for some time. How to make something physics move, based on the velocity and direction of your touch.

So it ended up with me creating a basketball game and a dart game. Booth the games are using the same basics for tossing a physics around.

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Screenshots above.

Test the games
Instructions. Grab the ball/dart and toss it in any direction. The faster you drag it before you release it, the faster the throw.
The basketball can only be tossed when its on the ground. The darts become non physics when they touch the board.





You can download the Construct2 .capxfiles here, if you want to use it as a base for a game, learn how i did it or for whatever reason.

Download Basketball
Download Dart

Generating the daily income!

It does not matter how fun it is to create new games for mobiles all day long. Something has to pay for the daily bread as well. The last weeks Frosty Elk has been really busy in working on apps for businesses and have had to put the games aside for a while. Sadly a day only has 24 hours.

But it not all work, creating apps for businesses are almost as fun as creating games. Having to solve problems and work around issues to get where you want to can be frustrating, but when you succeed it is the greatest thing.

It looks like Frosty Elk are moving more and more towards doing apps for businesses than creating games. But games are one thing we will never stop doing. We just have too many ideas laying around that we want to start creating. So we will just have to make time and work around the clock until our eyes starts glowing in the dark.

Speaking about darkness. On saturday is time for the yearly Earth Hour, and Frosty Elk will off course take part in it and shut down all of our stuff for the sake of the environment, we hope that you will do so too!!!

Lights out for this time! 



Helping out!

One thing i have learned during all the years i have been fiddling around with new game engines is that it is very important to have a friendly community where developers help each other.

So now that i feel that i have most things in Construct2 under control, i feel that i can contribute to the community over at

Today i got a little carried away guy asked if there was a way to create a car game with a steering-wheel as the turning control. I love to solve problems, so i started to test different ways to handle it. But after messing around a while i decided that there where no great way of doing it with a real steering-wheel, where the actual wheel was controlling the car. Because you need the cars frontwheels to turn for that to work properly. It is doable in Construct2, but it wouldnt be a very good way of doing it. And i dont think any game would really benifit from it either.

So i faked it instead, when touching sprites i turned the wheel sprite, so that it looks like you are turning the wheel. It actually turned out really well and it feels like you are controlling the car with the wheel.

Below here is a screenshot of what the DEMO came to look like....
Yeah, i got a little carried away and added particle fx and skidmarks on fast turns and brakes....
I also threw in a speedometer while i was at it...sometimes i do things like that just to make my brain keep working on a high level while solving other things.


You can playtest the DEMO here:

Steering wheel - demo

If you want to play around with it in Construct2, here is the .capx file.

Promoting apps!

We have been really lousy when it comes to marketing our creations. We are developers, designers and programmers. So marketing is not our strong side. Our hopes where that the apps would sell themselves pretty much. But that was more a dream scenario. Somewhere deep down we knew that we would be working hard on getting the apps seen and noticed.

So we are now looking into all the possibility's for marketing. For starters we focused on Facebook, but it seems pretty much a dying media for mobile apps. Maybe later when the apps become more popular, then Facebook may yet again be a place to update fans on updates and such. But for first notice its not really the right place at the moment.

So far, Twitter seems the place to put the focus and money into. So we are focusing our efforts on Twitter marketing right now. So far we have spend a very little amount of money, testing our way through all the possible ways to go about marketing on Twitter.

One really important thing is to use the proper hash-tags, so far we are using #free and #app in all our tweets. There are always people out there searching for free stuff. So as our apps are free to download it seemed spot on.


Also been submitting our apps to a broad range of app sites. Our hopes is that if we are on many sites, our apps will have a higher chance of popping up in random searches. Also if an app takes off, its good to have many places where it can be found.

By following all the accounts that promotes apps on Twitter, we can also keep up with whats popular now, keep an eye on out for discounts on marketing on those accounts/sites as well.

The latest test, that we are still waiting to kick in, are app listing on and have them send out a few promo tweets to all their followers. Listing an app there costs $30, and if you want to have them send out 5 tweets as well it costs $50. Almost sure that we wont see those amounts back in return. But if you aren't seen then you does not exist.

Welcome to Frosty Elk Developer blog

A warm welcome to our new developer blog. We know that there are a thirst for information regarding app development on a cross platform system and we love to share our knowledge with everyone.

We will hopefully be able to help some of you along the way in constructing games with Construct2, Cordova, Crosswalk and Intel XDK for Andriod and iOS.

At the same time we will share information about out own creations as we work on our plugins for Construct2 and Cordova.